Driving forward with automated vehicle trial

A trial of how automated vehicles can interact with Australian road infrastructure is now underway on the Monash-CityLink-Tullamarine corridor.

The Victorian Government and Transurban will conduct a series of trials of connected and automated vehicles over the next few months to test vehicles with partial automation in various conditions.

The first phase of the trials, which features connected and automated vehicles from BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and Volvo, will help prepare Victorian roads and the community for the future of driverless vehicles.

The trial is testing motorway assets with vehicles already on the market, which comply with existing Australian Design Rules and road safety regulations.

Phase one of the trial

This first phase of the trial will collect insights into how these vehicles with features such as lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition, respond and interact with the road environment such as:

  • tunnels;
  • road works;
  • congestion;
  • electronic speed signs; and
  • line markings.

In accordance with National testing guidelines, professional drivers will have at least one hand on the wheel at all times and will monitor the vehicle’s operation when conducting trials in live traffic.

Trial outcomes

In addition to developing a better understanding of how to prepare road infrastructure and the regulation needed to integrate automated vehicle technology into our transport system, the program will also investigate how to prepare the community.

By investigating community attitudes surrounding the impacts of this technology, different ways of implementing automated driving can be investigated. One example could be whether designated lanes are required on motorways for automated vehicles.

Phase one of the trial will be complete later this year. The whole Victorian trial program will take two years and consists of three phases.

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Insights into the automated vehicle trial  

Insights into the automated vehicle trial

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