Community engagement

Our vision to strengthen communities through transport recognises the major role we play in local communities. With 15 assets across two countries our success depends on understanding the needs of our stakeholders and working collaboratively toward shared goals.

Our engagement with local businesses and community groups in relation to network planning, roadworks and projects makes us an infrastructure partner of choice for government. We also seek to invest in communities through partnerships, sponsorships, grants and donations.

Many of our initiatives are featured on our In the Communities website.

Major projects & the community

Our major projects benefit communities by ensuring safe, efficient and reliable travel for motorists. We work in partnership with local business and community groups during planning and construction to maximise support and reduce potential risks and delays.

Some of our community engagement work on recent projects includes:

  • developing the award-winning Orange cones. No phones. safety program aimed at eliminating distracted driving in construction zones on our 495 and 95 Express Lanes (Virginia, USA)
  • establishing a shared sustainability agenda with contractors and project sponsors to be carried through the life of the NorthConnex project, including embedding final sustainability targets into contracts and agreements
  • implementing a signature grant program to help affected neighbours manage the impact of construction in our 495 and 95 Express Lanes project corridors

Transurban community grants

Community grants are available for projects that generate social or environmental benefits for communities neighbouring our road networks.

We offer up to $5,000 to initiatives that:

  • contribute to the development of sustainable transport infrastructure
  • enhance social inclusion through improved mobility

Find out more about our community grants