Logan Enhancement Project

Project overview

Construction is now underway for Transurban Queensland’s $512 million Logan Enhancement Project.

The project includes upgrading parts of the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways, including improving key congestion hot spots and constructing new south-facing ramps at Compton Road. It will deliver a safer and more efficient motorway network by relieving local traffic congestion and reducing travel times.

The project offers a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of South East Queensland through improvements to network safety, efficiency and reliability, as well as future proof this critical economic corridor.

The Logan Enhancement Project is the first private sector proposal to be assessed and approved under Queensland Treasury’s Market-Led Proposal process.

CPB Contractors is undertaking detailed design and construction of the project.


The Logan Enhancement Project is an integrated transport solution that will unlock the economic potential of the Logan region as well as the business/freight hubs in Brisbane’s west and north.

It will deliver a safer and more efficient motorway network by relieving local traffic congestion, reducing travel times, and enhancing connectivity with other major road networks.

The project will support more than 1,300 direct construction jobs and generate around approximately $1bn in economic benefits for Queenslanders over 30 years.

The project will deliver benefits to the economy, community, industry and environment, including:

  • enhanced safety – up-to 59% reduction in accidents as a result of the project due to less merging/weaving and stop-starting
  • travel time savings – the increased capacity in the road network provides shorter journey times and increased speeds in the network – up-to 90% reduction in travel times as a result of the project
  • vehicle operating cost savings – less stop-start driving meaning lower fuel consumption and improved fleet productivity
  • reliability – more consistent journey times meaning motorists do not have to factor in ‘buffer time’ to their journeys
  • enhanced connectivity – new optional south-facing ramps will connect more motorists with the network, and reduce rat-running on Compton and Beaudesert roads
  • future proofing – the project will address current congestion and accommodate forecast traffic growth from arising from evolving residential and business corridors.

Timing & cost

The project will be delivered at no cost to the Queensland Government, with Transurban Queensland financing 100% of the project.

Detailed design started in early 2017, with construction commenced in June 2017. Construction will take approximately two years to complete.

For more information visit the Logan Enhancement Project site.