WestConnex Project

Project overview

We have partnered with the New South Wales Government to build WestConnex, part of an integrated transport plan to keep Sydney moving –  easing congestion, creating jobs and connecting communities. The new motorway will provide crucial support for Sydney’s long-term economic and population growth.

WestConnex has:

  • widened the M4 between Parramatta and Homebush, adding an additional lane in each direction on the M4 Motorway between Parramatta and Homebush
  • created smoother road surfaces and new access points to the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush
  • lengthened the on and off-ramps at the King Georges Road M5 interchange, providing more capacity and reducing congestion for motorists

WestConnex will:

  • extend the M4 in twin underground tunnels from Homebush to Haberfield
  • double road capacity along the M5 East corridor with the New M5 underground tunnels running between St Peters and Kingsgrove
  • join these underground routes together via the M4–M5 Link tunnel to form a seamless motorway without traffic lights
  • provide a western bypass of the Sydney CBD
  • provide connections to the future Western Harbour Tunnel, BeachesLink, F6 extension and major international gateways at Sydney Airport and Port Botany


Driving our economy and creating jobs

  • Support Sydney’s long-term economic growth with improved motorway access and connections to western Sydney and key employment hubs across the city
  • Provide vital links to Sydney’s major international gateways at Sydney Airport and Port Botany
  • Deliver over 10,000 jobs – directly and indirectly
  • Make life easier for hundreds of tradespeople, couriers and freight operators who rely on Sydney’s roads every day

Connecting communities

  • Shift traffic and heavy vehicles to the underground motorway, returning local streets to local communities
  • Provide over 14 kilometres of new and upgraded cycle and pedestrian paths, linked to existing cycleways
  • Enable new public transport options in key corridors including along Parramatta and Victoria Roads
  • Travel time reduced by 40 mins from Parramatta to Sydney airport

Easing congestion

  • Provide extra motorway capacity for through traffic, reducing the strain on local roads
  • Remove bottlenecks and relieve congestion for hundreds of thousands of road users struggling in traffic every day
  • Improve the speed, reliability and safety of travel across the city
  • Reduce the $6 billion annual cost of congestion in Sydney
  • Provide a bypass of up to 52 sets of traffic signals
  • Better and more reliable trips for people, businesses and freight

Making Sydney a more liveable city

  • Reduce traffic on local streets, creating opportunities for urban renewal and improved public and active transport options
  • Deliver more than 18 hectares of new recreational green space for local communities
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 610,000 tonnes per annum
  • Reduce traffic on surface roads, creating opportunities for urban renewal and improved public and active transport options

For more information visit the WestConnex project site.