National Community Engagement Survey

Our 2023 community engagement survey has now closed. We appreciate everyone who took the time to share with us what matters most to you. We will now review and analyse what you’ve told us so check back soon to see what we heard and how we’re responding. 

We light our bridges up for important causes

Some Transurban bridges have colour-lighting systems installed that allow us to light the bridges up in various colours, including colours that show support for important causes. Bridges we light up include:

Our bridges shine their lights on eligible causes and not-for-profit groups including:

  • Carers Week
  • World Diabetes Day
  • International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Road Safety Week
  • NAIDOC Week.

We can also promote charitable causes and events through electronic message boards located along our road network.

If you’d like to see our roads shining out support for your cause, let us know.

United States 

For US bridge-lighting requests, go here

The causes and organisations we support are subject to eligibility criteria.

Restoring ecological systems and promoting biodiversity

We restore land alongside our roads – cleaning creeks, planting indigenous vegetation and returning habitat to local wildlife.

Learn more about our roadside regeneration projects.

Creating living legacies for communities to enjoy

When we build new roads, we also work with local communities affected by the works. We want to leave local areas in better shape than when we started – building community infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, new cycle and pedestrian connections and public art.

So far, communities living near our roads have gained:

During major project works, maintenance works and day-to-day road operations, we do our best to anticipate and reduce disruptions. But we also know, sometimes there’s more that needs to be done. If our project works or operations are impacting you or your neighbourhood, we want to know about it. Here’s how to contact us:

Contact us about roads now open to traffic

Linkt (Australia)

Express Lanes (United States)

A25 (Canada)

Contact us about roads under construction

Contact us through the project’s website and be connected with a community engagement officer whose job is about helping people living nearby the project.

You’ll find all our projects (and website links) here.