Driver training programs

Learning to drive can be a challenge at any time, but particularly without access to an instructor or a car. We support various programs to help people learn to drive, recognising that having a licence can improve their employment and social opportunities.

Our current program partners include

FY22 program outcomes

Information for new drivers

If you are new to driving or new to driving in Australia, there are some things you should know to help you avoid unnecessary fees or fines, particularly if using our toll roads.

Purchasing a new vehicle

You should always make sure:

  • the car ownership is transferred to you
  • the car is registered
  • your contact details provided to your state road authority are up-to-date
  • the toll account for the car is in your name

This helps protect you from any outstanding driving-related debt the previous owner may have had. It also allows us to reach out and offer help if we notice issues with your tolling account.

How to pay a toll or choose the best account or pass

Whether you’re a local, new to the city or perhaps having difficulty paying for tolls, watch these videos to find out more about our toll roads and how to pay for your trips.

How to get help if having difficulty paying for tolls

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. If you want to pay your tolls but can’t manage your payments right now, our Linkt Assist team can help.

If you are in a different area to us - there are other programs are available too: