Did you know up to 90% of child car seats are fitted incorrectly?*

A recent safety blitz by Kidsafe and Transurban revealed up to 90% of car seats are fitted incorrectly.* A correctly fitted child car seat can significantly reduce the risk of injury in an accident – by up to 70%.** Making sure your car seats are professionally checked is the safest way to keep your most precious cargo safe on the road.

We’re teaming up with Kidsafe to offer FREE child car seat checks for Sydney parents and carers.

The qualified staff at Kidsafe will fit and check your child's car seat, plus provide a comprehensive overview of how the seat works to ensure that you are using it correctly.

Kidsafe child car seat check dates:

Tuesday 5 December, 10am – 2pm
Club Marconi, 121-133 Prairie Vale Rd, Bossley Park
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*Please note: If the time you want is booked out, please drop in anyway and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Kidsafe NSW recommends you use an authorised professional to check or install your child’s car seat.
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Car seat safety tips

Keep them in the seat

Check the seat every trip

Four is not the magic age

*Data collected in a sample size of 620 car seats across the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metro area by Transurban and Kidsafe during National Road Safety Week (May 2022)  
**Neura, www.neura.edu.au/news/safely-packed-kids (Dec 2017)

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