Community and sustainability





Community and sustainability








Our community and sustainability activities include: developing apps and other tools to make travel easier; consulting with residents living near our roads and projects; building partnerships and providing community grants; and working with community groups to support customers going through tough times.

We also pioneer new solutions to manage our environmental impacts and help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Partnerships and grants

We support activities promoting:

  • Safe and accessible transport – road safety education and research and connecting people to their community
  • Local communities – causes important to communities located directly along our road network
  • Education and training – vocational training opportunities for the disadvantaged encouraging diversity in STEM education.

We’re not currently looking for new partners, but community groups operating near our roads and projects can still apply for grants of up to $10,000.

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Engaging with local communities

We spend a lot of time in our local communities talking to people and finding ways to improve life for those living and working near our roads and construction projects. We are here for the long-term, so we find long-term solutions – from building a new sound wall to upgrading local bike paths and transforming a former quarry into a new park.

Have a question or a suggestion? Get in touch

If you live near one of our roads or construction projects and you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch – we definitely want to hear from you.

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Information for our customers

Whether you’re a long-time toll-road customer or you’re about to use our roads for the first time, it’s worth taking a look at our apps and tools – they could save you time and money.

Our apps and trip tools give you:

  • easier ways to pay – including online, by phone, or in person
  • account options that help you avoid paying fees
  • more informed choices – compare toll and non-toll trips to find the best option for you
  • more support for people experiencing financial hardship

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Environmental initiatives

The impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world and, as an industry leader, we’re serious about setting the highest sustainability standards for our operations. This means setting ambitious emission reduction targets and delivering programs to meet these targets.

Operating sustainably also means working with our suppliers and our communities to ensure we’re creating benefits for people and the environment, and not adding to the global challenges we’re all facing.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives

Air quality

Making sure we maintain good air quality on our roads and projects is vital to the liveability, health and safety of neighbouring communities.

Find out how we monitor and maintain air quality