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2022 Community Engagement Survey - Part 2 has now closed

Your feedback helps us to create more effective road transport solutions in ways which also strengthen communities.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

We'll be contacting the winners of our exclusive behind the scenes Transurban tour in the coming weeks. The results of our second survey will also be shared on this page after an analysis of the survey has been completed.

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Understanding what matters to our communities

What matters to our stakeholders matters to us. Feedback helps us to create more effective road transport solutions and plays a critical role in our success. 

The perceptions and experiences of our communities, customers and other people we interact with play a critical role in our success.

This year we undertook a comprehensive study including interviews and surveys to better understand the issues that matter to them most. This included a community survey with more than 4,000 responses.

The findings help us decide how we can best respond in the most meaningful ways.

Our first study five years ago paved the way for new customer offerings including a rewards program and an online calculator to compare travel times, fuel use and costs of using our roads compared to alternatives.

This year, one of the key findings of our study was that Transurban look for opportunities to undertake further environmental social and governance (ESG) activities and lead the way in driving sustainable transport networks.

While we have a number of activities underway, we will continue to focus on initiatives such as promoting fuel-efficient driving and the benefits of electric and zero emissions vehicles.

Community engagement survey findings

Through this activity our stakeholders told us how they think we are performing, their expectations, and what matters to them.

Empowering customers

What we heard


agree empowering customers is important to them


are satisfied with our performance in this area

How we’re acting on these focus areas


customer supported through our Linkt Assist hardship program in FY22

4¢ per litre

fuel discount available for our customers through the Linkt app


average greenhouse gas emissions savings for customers using our roads

Championing road safety

What we heard


agree it is important for Transurban to invest in road safety partnerships


agree that safety measures were a significant benefit of using Transurban toll roads

How we’re acting on these focus areas

2x as safe

Transurban roads have been independently assessed as safer than like roads

driver training partnerships supporting 300+ vulnerable community members gain greater independence


child car seats checked through our partnership with Kidsafe in QLD, VIC and NSW

Strengthening communities

What we heard


want Transurban to take an active role in strengthening communities


are satisfied with our performance in this area 

How we’re acting on these focus areas


invested in community grants and donations, education and training and road safety initiatives during FY22


people directly benefitted from our financial, material or other support in FY22


students supported through education and STEM programs in FY22

What’s next?

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