Whistleblower service

Integrity is a core value here at Transurban, and is of high importance in supporting the confidence of our customers, suppliers, security holders and employees.  It is important that we are aware of any concerns relating to an actual or suspected violation of our policies, codes, human rights (including labour rights), our health, safety and environmental obligations and other business integrity issues.

We strongly encourage anyone who is aware of, has witnessed, or suspects any reportable conduct to report this immediately to our independent and confidential Whistleblower service (details below).  All reports to this service will be investigated and treated seriously and will be kept confidential and secure as far as legally possible.


  • Email
  • Create a report online
  • Phone (toll free): 1800 779 361 (Australia),  1 866 615 1813 (US and Canada)
  • Mail: Transurban Whistleblower Service, Reply Paid 12628, A'Beckett Street, Victoria, Australia, 8006