Eco-driving trial results








Our eco-driving trial has seen drivers in South East Queensland make small changes for a big impact on the environment and their hip pocket. The good news is that anyone can benefit from these findings.

Eco-driving is a term used to describe the energy efficient use of vehicles. It’s a great way to reduce fuel consumption from road transport so that less fuel is used when travelling the same distance.

For more details on the trial download our EcoDriving Industry Report.

Eco-driving trial dashboard

During the trial we collected information about participants’ driving behaviour using the GOFAR device and mobile app. Here are the results


Final data (estimates compared to baseline)

1 May - 21 June 2021


kms travelled


trips taken


improvement in average fuel economy

6 homes

potential equivalent emissions saved over a year


Eco-driving tips

Find out more in these videos.

Smooth driving is eco-driving

Tyre pressure 

Drag and unnecessary weight

Transurban is ensuring that all motorists can benefit from the findings of the trial, by sharing simple tips to help everyone drive more sustainability.

Eco-driving practices include:

  • driving as smoothly as possible and reducing harsh braking
  • keeping a gap of around three seconds from the car in front of you
  • checking tyre pressure regularly
  • avoiding unnecessary drag, like open windows
  • removing any unnecessary weight you’re carrying in your vehicle.