Are you ‘EV’ curious’?


Australians are keen to make the switch to electric vehicles and we’re keen to help.






We’re looking for all kinds of drivers to take part in an electric vehicle driving experience, whether you’re an inner city dweller who does lots of short trips, a family in the suburbs that’s constantly on the move with the kids, or a regional driver who travels around the state.

What’s it all about?

You’ll get your own EV (a Nissan LEAF) to use for seven days for free. We’ll even throw in a $1000 RACV travel voucher so you can go on a road trip to really test out the range and discover just how many EV charging stations there are across Victoria.

We’ll get you to document your week as you go, capturing video of your experience and letting us know what you like about driving an EV, things that surprised you, or things that might make it easier for you to make the switch permanently.

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