Meet our previous FEET students

Anindya Indradi  





Anindya Indradi

Civil Engineering student Anindya Indradi was able get a “behind the scenes” look at road infrastructure during her time as a FEET student with the NSW Operations Team. 

'My mentor gave me a better understanding about how a company like Transurban is run, and through project work I learnt about the type of systems used in the company.'

Gabi Newman  





Gabi Newman 

Biomedical Science and Material Engineering student Gabi Newman signed up for the program to learn more about what real life Engineering looked like.

'It was great to get a behind the scenes view of the work that actually goes into the roads. The technology and manpower to get these roads functional was truly extraordinary.'

Meet our mentors

Bobby Birdi  






Bobby BirdiAssets Systems Manager

What advice would you give your graduating self?
Don’t wait for the ‘right’ job to come along—any experience is good experience.

What has been the biggest turning point in your career?
I was selected to teach a team at a different organisation about Asset Management. This same team had previously rejected my application to work in their Asset Management team!

Deborah Hutchison  






Deborah Hutchison, Traffic Forecasting Manager

Why did you mentor with the FEET program?
To help foster the next generation of engineers and to garner interest in the dynamic areas of transport planning, traffic modelling and traffic engineering.  It is a field that doesn’t get a lot of focus in engineering degrees.

What advice would you give your graduating self?
Don’t hesitate in taking opportunities that come your way.  

FEET Students now employed at Transurban

Nidhi Chandra, Graduate program - Technology

In hindsight being a part of the FEET Program was not just an opportunity to explore career pathways but rather an invaluable experience in which mentorship played a central role. The advice, encouragement and timely reassurance that my mentor offered have become foundational values in my work repertoire as a graduate at Transurban.



Chathurika Ravindra, Graduate Project Engineer  





Chathurika Ravindra, Graduate Project Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed the FEET program. Over the course of the week I was able to observe how Transurban’s motorways and tunnels are operated, to discuss leadership with Transurban executives and even add value by presenting some research to the business. Since the FEET program, I have had the opportunity to work Undergraduate Project Engineer over the summer break and now as a Graduate Project Engineer, where I have been involved in some of Transurban’s major projects. 

What our previous participants have said

'I had the opportunity to build my network with professionals and executives.'
Civil and Geotechnical Engineering student, Wenwen Luo.

'I learnt so much from my mentor, not only from her rich experiences in managing projects, but also excellent communication for dealing with change. I am able to integrate my past learnings with the best business practices, and had a close observation of the leadership from the ways she coordinates projects.'
Master of Business Information Systems student Hsingyi Cheng

'The skills I learnt from my time at Transurban have been very valuable to my current study. At university, you don't get to discover the real world applications for many concepts you learn, so to be able to experience this has allowed me to gain a better perspective of my current knowledge.'
Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Information Technology student Sophie Burgess 

FEET summer program  

FEET winter program

Now in its third year, our Females Excelling in Engineering and Technology (FEET) mentoring program has been a great success, with 47 students completing 35 hours of mentoring across the business in 2017.