Queensland is growing and we’re growing with you

While most people don’t think about their toll road operator very often, we think about you every day and the role we play in the lives of Queenslanders.

Five hundred thousand trips are taken across our Linkt network each workday, and getting our customers where they need to be, safer and sooner, is our number one priority.

Drivers using our toll roads collectively save 70,000 hours each workday compared with alternate routes.

To ensure our roads continue to deliver value for our growing Queensland population, we’re trialling new technologies and investing in solutions that keep traffic flowing and make your journey easier.

We’re also working with government to deliver city-shaping road upgrade projects that will bring tangible benefits for people commuting along the Gateway and Logan motorways.

Off the road, we support community initiatives, large and small, that positively impact the lives of Queenslanders in a variety of ways.

We’re proud to be part of Queensland’s future.


Supporting Queenslanders on and off our roads

How we're investing

Investing in Communities  

In communities

Our grants, sponsorships and partnerships are helping local communities.

Investing in smarter, safer roads  

In smarter, safer roads

New technology will help get you where you want to go – safer and sooner.

Investing in future transport  

In future transport

Our projects will help make your journey easier every day.