Investor Day 2021

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Executive insights

Henry Byrne highlights how innovation is being explored to provide smoother trips and address congestion along CityLink in Melbourne. Watch →
Pierce Coffee outlines our approach to advancing new express lanes in Maryland and how it would ease congestion along a critical corridor. Watch  →
Suzette Corr discusses how Transurban supported our people during COVID and what it means for the business going forward. Watch →
Andrew Head talks about how WestConnex is resulting in motorists saving time and the progress being made on sections under construction. Watch →
Michele Huey speaks about how technology is shaping the delivery of new projects and managing existing motorways across Sydney. Watch →
Michelle Jablko shares her initial insights and observations since joining Transurban. Watch →
Sue Johnson looks at the factors that will see investments made into Queensland’s infrastructure network. Watch →
Simon Moorfield discusses the ways technology is supporting our customers both today and into the future. Watch →
Hugh Wehby shares how Transurban is working with our strategic investment partners and the benefits they bring to the business. Watch →