Transurban has launched an innovative new tolling approach using a GPS-enabled app, allowing motorists to drive on any Australian toll road without the need for a tag.

We recently launched our first GPS-based tolling payment channel, LinktGO. This global-leading initiative is a completely new approach for the tolling industry with the account attached to the driver, rather than the vehicle.

This pay-as-you-go tolling app uses the phone’s GPS, along with geo-fencing along all Australian toll roads, to identify when a driver has entered and exited a toll road and notifies the user of the cost of the trip.

Recognising the shift in the way customers want to use and pay for toll travel, the LinktGO app was specifically designed with occasional toll road users in mind, as:

  • Motorists are only charged if and when they drive on a toll road
  • The app provides timely notifications after travel with trip details and costs that  customers can review before making a payment
  • The pay-as-you-go functionality helps drivers avoid fees and fines
  • Signup is quick and easy and customers have the flexibility to stop using LinktGO at any time
  • Travel is covered even if drivers forget their phones or the battery is flat, giving reassurance to a group that’s often unfamiliar with toll travel.

The app offers a complete digital-first experience. Users can do everything they need directly on the app, including paying for trips, making profile updates and raising and resolving queries.

Safety-first approach

Safety is always a key focus at Transurban and LinktGO has safety features built into the customer experience.  LinktGO suppresses notifications until the phone indicates that the customer is no longer moving at speed, and the app is temporarily disabled if a customer tries to access it when they are driving.

Customer-centred design

The LinktGO app has been trialled in NSW and Victoria over the past five months and customer feedback has been incorporated into the final app. LinktGO is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Download LinktGO