27 October 2017

Third westbound lane on the Hills M2 opens ahead of schedule

A third westbound lane between Pennant Hills Road and Windsor Road on the Hills M2 Motorway will open three months ahead of schedule, resulting in a safer and more efficient journeys for motorists. 
12 October 2017

Annual General Meeting

Our 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 12 October. Results are available from the following page.
12 October 2017

Sustainable funding for public transport

Through the 395 Express Lanes project, Transurban has committed to providing a continued funding source for public transport in the Northern Virginia region investing US$15 million annually over the life of the 395 Express Lanes concession which equates to $2.7 billion in transit funding. 
12 October 2017

New lanes opening on CityLink and West Gate Freeway

In late October, the CityLink Tulla Widening project will open new lanes on CityLink and the West Gate Freeway, 3 months ahead of schedule.
12 October 2017

Transurban to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 52% by 2030

Until recently, our GHG emissions reduction efforts have focused primarily on energy-reduction initiatives to meet our 10-in-10 energy target. In FY17, we took the significant step of establishing a separate science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction target aligned with global efforts to mitigate climate change.
12 October 2017

September quarter update 2017

We've released our traffic and revenue data for the September quarter 2017.
21 September 2017

Transurban Smart Highways Challenge & Innovation Lab startup cohort has begun

Transurban and 1776 selected the six winning startups who will join us for the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge & Innovation Lab.
11 August 2017

Automated vehicle trial underway

An automated vehicle trial is underway on the Monash-CityLink-Tullamarine corridor to help Victoria prepare for the future of driverless vehicles.
3 August 2017

Senate inquiry into toll roads in Australia

CEO Scott Charlton's opening statement at the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into toll roads in Australia.
3 August 2017

Transurban injects $300,000 into R&D for safer, smarter Australian roads

Transurban has awarded $100,000 grants to three pioneering research and development projects targeting safer and smarter Australian roads in the latest round of its Innovation Grants Program.