We’re extending our partnership with The Smith Family to support their tertiary scholarship program, which helps Learning for Life students to pursue university or TAFE study. 

Through this program, we’re hoping to encourage more young people to study science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects. STEM disciplines have been identified as a major driver of productivity growth, future jobs and innovation in Australia.

Employers recognise that the fastest-growing occupations require STEM skills. However, despite the growing evidence that STEM skills—particularly digital skills—are crucial, students living in disadvantage are not being prepared adequately for these future employment pathways. In Australia, only two in four students from low socio-economic backgrounds attained the national proficiency standard for digital ability.

By supporting students to develop STEM skills—through our partnership with The Smith Family—we aim to help equip young Australians in need with the critical expertise required to engage with the future workforce.

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