We’ve partnered with the Banksia Foundation to crowd source an idea to help encourage carpooling on our roads.

Most of the cars travelling on the roads during peak times are only carrying one person.

If we could get more people into each car it could reduce congestion, emissions, and provide a way for those without access to a car to move around their city more freely.

From riding in cars with colleagues to trading skills for a lift, the ideas submitted to the carpool challenge were as ingenuous as they were diverse.

After much deliberation, seven teams have been names as finalists in Banksia Foundation and Transurban Ignite Enabler Carpool Challenge:

  • Commuto
  • GoDoor
  • Ippon Australia
  • OfficePool
  • Poolin
  • Brigidine College, and
  • Oliver and Yvonne Leupold.

The winner and two runners-up will be announced on at the Banksia Foundation Awards on November 29.

In the meantime, here’s each idea explained in 15 seconds.



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