Demonstrating Bundled Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Applications on US Managed Express Lanes.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has partnered with Transurban and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to explore the impacts CAV technologies have on managed lanes by examining three cooperative automation applications, including:

  • Speed harmonization
  • Cooperative merging
  • Cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC)

Transurban’s dynamically tolled Express Lanes in Northern Virginia are providing governments with a test bed to trial emerging CAV technology in a safe, real-world environment. The I-95 Express Lanes were featured in a series of trials in June 2018, chosen for the road’s reversible, barrier-separated configuration, which provide for several hours of uninterrupted, high-speed trials on lanes with highway attributes.  The demonstrations also allowed the government to conduct trials in both traffic-free and live traffic, controlled environments.

The test fleet included five connectivity-enhanced SAE Level 1 automated vehicles escorted by Virginia State Police and supported by Transurban Road Operations and Roadway Maintenance.

With the goal to increase roadway capacity and reduce traffic flow disturbances, the trials have been successful at collecting operational data to fine-tune all three applications. The government has found value in testing on Transurban Express Lanes that feature advanced traffic control and camera functions. In addition, Transurban brings its knowledge of risks and opportunities in the emerging technology space as evidenced by international trials throughout Australia as well.

Transurban continues to work alongside U.S. DOT to evaluate trial results and future opportunities to advance CAV demonstrations on managed lanes.

See how the U.S. Department of Transportation and Transurban are working together find solutions to address congestion and support improved mobility.

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