An increasing number of large infrastructure projects across Victoria means a coordinated effort has been required to transport oversized beams and equipment from manufacturing or shipping locations to construction sites.

One example is the Carrum Level Crossing Removal Project, that needed to transport 64 concrete and steel beams from Kilmore to Carrum via oversized trucks that were 5m wide, 156 tonnes gross max and 46m long. The most efficient route included travel along the Tullamarine Freeway and over elevated road sections on CityLink.

While CityLink’s Western Link was originally constructed to allow 62.5 tonne loads, Heavy Loading Platforms (HLP) were also inserted into the elevated road deck during construction to accommodate greater loads.

In order to help facilitate the Project’s proposed travel on CityLink, our team mapped the locations of these HLPs so we could ensure the Project loads travelled on these lanes supported by the HLPs. This meant a solution was needed to ensure each delivery driver would be able to safely and effectively follow the exact required path of travel on the specific lanes without relying on memory or written instructions.

Working with stakeholders in heavy haulage, a tool was devised that incorporated mapping technology and worked with GPS satellites to provide seamless travel with live, visual instructions that were easy to follow. This was supported with visual monitoring by the CityLink Traffic Control Room Operators who ensured driver compliance through each delivery. By the end of November 2020, our team had successfully facilitated the delivery of all 64 beams.

This innovation will ensure critical deliveries for large infrastructure projects can continue to be made as quickly and safely as possible, helping them deliver Victoria’s future.

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