There is a significant need for support in the community at the moment, particularly for organisations impacted by COVID-19. 

As a result, we have almost tripled our community grant program funding in each state to meet that need – providing an additional $150,000 on top of our normal funding.

Applications for the most recent grant round were almost four times the amount received last round, with over half of the applications referencing the pandemic. This included organisations who are currently unable to take physical donations or are having to implement more stringent hygiene practices due to COVID-19.

Forty-seven successful applicants were selected based on their project’s potential impact, whether it relates to transport or social isolation as well as their proximity to our roads and communities.

Our employees also had a chance to have their say on who they thought should receive grant funding.

These funds will support a range of organisations who in turn support a wide cross section of our community including:

  • Animal welfare
  • Disability support, from
  • Education
  • Health charities and hospitals,
  • Homelessness support
  • Refugee organisations
  • Road safety.

Find out more about our community grants program.

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