The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt across our communities, changing the way we work, socialise and travel.


We recognise that many of our customers will be affected in some way, so we have a range of initiatives in place to support people through this uncertain time.

  • Toll credit: We are offering a 3-month toll credit for customers directly impacted by COVID-19.
  • Set-up difficulties: We have extended our first-time forgiveness programs to eligible customers who have found it difficult to set up an account or pass, or to pay for their tolls.
  • Payment adjustments: We are offering customers more time to pay, fee waivers, and payment plans.
  • Hardship circumstances: We are working with customers to manage social or financial hardship circumstances, including extending this program to business owners.

Customers eligible for our toll credit and first-time forgiveness programs include:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Aged and disability carers
  • Emergency service personnel
  • People who have lost their jobs or experienced significant reduction in hours directly as a result of COVID-19

To access the support of Linkt Assist, or for more information, visit


From the incident response teams on our roads, to the crews in our traffic control rooms, and the customer service teams in our offices, we’re supporting our workforce and helping people get where they need to go, safely.

We continue to monitor the latest developments regarding COVID-19 and follow all government guidelines, advice and travel restrictions.

Our well-tested resilience systems are in place to ensure we manage impacts to our day-to-day operations – both on and off road.​ This includes supporting employees to work remotely.

Updated 3 April 2020

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