Transurban’s dedication to providing travelers with choices goes beyond the choice to skip traffic by using the Express Lanes. We’re always looking for more ways to help get people where they need to go—and that includes providing funding for pedestrian infrastructure, bus and light rail options, and commuter train accessibility.

Since opening the 395 Express Lanes in 2019, we have been a proud contributor to Virginia’s Commuter Choice Program, giving $15 million yearly to promote multimodal investments along our 395 and 95 Express Lanes corridors.  

We have been recognized in the region for our contributions to Commuter Choice, winning this year’s Virginia Transit Association’s Outstanding Contribution by a Business Award for its support of the Commuter Choice Program.

The projects are submitted by localities and stakeholders, and go through a rigorous screening process, public input period, and Commonwealth Transportation Board final approval. The 2023 recipients list demonstrates the impact Transurban has on the communities we serve - adding more frequent service to existing transit routes, investing in both new infrastructure and existing asset renovations, and providing commuter incentives to diversify the way travelers get where they need to go.

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