Electric vehicles (EVs) will play a key role in tackling greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades, and new research shows that many Australians are considering purchasing an EV as their next car.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of initiatives to raise awareness about the many benefits of EVs – and bust some myths while we're at it.

These initiatives kick off with a vaccine incentive competition, with millions of Linkt customers across Australia getting the chance to win two brand new EVs as part of our efforts to support the COVID vaccine roll out.

And we’re preparing for more EVs on the road by adding portable EV chargers to our CityLink incident response fleet, and exploring how low-emission, electric-powered incident response technology could help to keep drivers and road maintenance teams safe.

We’re also developing an EV experience program to offer selected customers the opportunity to take an EV for an extended test drive for a few days – rather than a few hours – so they can get comfortable with the technology.

This is an ongoing program for Transurban, with further EV initiatives currently in development. 

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