Cutting edge new data reveals the number of ‘near misses’ on local streets around NorthConnex has reduced by two-thirds since the tunnel opened in October 2020.

Adam Lloyd, Head of Operations at Transurban, said the data, sourced directly and anonymously from in-car GPS systems, can identify hard braking or erratic steering events, otherwise known as ‘near-misses’.

“For the first time we have access to innovative technology from connected vehicles, which is providing accurate and real-time data about near-misses on the road network,” Mr Lloyd said.

“In the case of NorthConnex, we can see how this motorway has had a major safety impact on local streets with a 65 per cent reduction in ‘near misses’ on Pennant Hills Road and surrounding streets during peak traffic times since the tunnel opened.  

“Transurban will use this new data from Compass IoT to complement our existing safety data analysis to manage our network and continue to work with Government on road safety initiatives that address existing issues such as hotspots and emerging trends.

“This is shaping up as the ‘missing gap’ in road analytics, using accurate and real-time data to proactively identify trends and patterns – before a crash happens.”

The NSW Centre for Road Safety has also found that crashes on Pennant Hills Road between the M1 and M2 have more than halved, with 10 crashes between November 2020 and February 2021, compared to 22 in the same period the year before.

Local MPs Julian Leeser and Matt Kean said the data confirms what they’ve been hearing from locals, that NorthConnex has been a real game-changer.

“By moving traffic off Pennant Hills Road into NorthConnex, including more than 6,000 trucks a day, average speeds on Pennant Hills Road are up to 33 per cent faster in the afternoon peak, meaning improved traffic flow and safer local roads,” Mr Leeser said.

“Back in 2019 Pennant Hills Road was voted one of the worst congested roads in the State. Since the opening of NorthConnex, travelling on Pennant Hills Road is quicker and easier with surrounding local streets also benefiting from a reduction in traffic,” Mr Kean said.

“This is a win not just for locals but anyone using NorthConnex or Pennant Hills Road to get to work and home each day.”

Steve Aisbett, Director at Thornleigh Golf Driving Range, located on Pennant Hills Road said: “NorthConnex has helped our business enormously. Between 3-6pm on Monday to Friday nights were really slow because of the traffic gridlock.

“Business has now picked up by 30 per cent and it’s a lot quieter and cleaner without the trucks and the diesel dust they created.”

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