Aligning with socially responsible organizations like the American Veterans Group (AVG) is driving support to connect American veterans with meaningful employment opportunities.

AVG, co-manager for our recent 95 Express Lanes bond issuance, is a service-disabled, veteran-owned investment bank that dedicates 25% of its earnings to support veterans' causes.

On behalf of Transurban, the $28,000 gift from AVG to the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes Program will be used to support the non-profit’s corporate and military spouse fellowship programs. 

The funds will be used to support the operating costs of facilitating learning opportunities for five active-duty service members and four military spouses in the National Capital Region. The fellowships will be awarded to populations with the greatest need, including enlisted service members, women, and persons of color.

The partnership is a continuation of our social impact mission to uncover new ways our investments can serve our communities in the Greater Washington Area.

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