Our hard work, alongside legislative leaders and safety advocates, moves important safety legislation across the finish line. 

Virginia will join Washington DC and Maryland in banning handheld cellphones while driving. This is a critical step toward keeping drivers and our workers on the Express Lanes safer as distracted driving results in at least 1,500 crashes each year in Virginia.

We have advocated year after year for this important legislation in partnership with safety coalitions like the Virginia Partners for Safe Driving. In December 2019, we hosted Virginia Senator Scott Surovell as he introduced this legislation alongside our coalition, law enforcement and local residents impacted by deadly distracted driving.

Our advocacy for stricter safe driving policies has been matched by public education campaigns like “Orange Cones. No Phones” and “Phones Down. Home Run.” encouraging drivers to put phones away and slow down, especially in construction work zones.

This new law will begin to be enforced in January 2021, after a state-wide education campaign to prepare drivers for the change, and includes higher fines for violations in work zones.

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