Strong communities are financially resilient communities, which is why we are proud to launch our first Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP).

FIAPs contain a set of actions outlining all the things an organisation is doing or committing to do, to reduce barriers to financial inclusion for its customers, community partners, suppliers and employees

Our FIAP contains 21 actions highlighting:

  • how our new Linkt Assist team will improve the way we support our most financially vulnerable customers
  • plans to train our entire onshore and off-shore customer service teams, leadership groups and general employees in financial hardship and vulnerability awareness
  • community partnerships to support the financial counselling sector, enhance financial capability and produce a range of education and early-intervention materials
  • how our Sustainable Procurement Strategy and Code of Practice are encouraging suppliers to go beyond legal compliance to advance social and environmental responsibility, and increase the diversity of under-represented businesses across our supply chain.

Transurban is the first business from Australia’s transport and infrastructure sector to produce a FIAP and joins 36 other companies from across the banking, finance, utilities, retail, community and government sectors taking practical action towards a more financially inclusive Australia.

FIAPs follow a national framework set up by Good Shepherd Microfinance, in partnership with EY and the Centre for Social Impact, which provide quality assurance and evaluation.

Our foundation FIAP gives us further opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular No Poverty (1), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Reduced Inequalities (10) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (11).

Download our Financial Inclusion Action Plan report

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