In 2017 we established the Transurban Road Safety Centre and began work on a range of road safety research initiatives. We’ve now signed a second three-year partnership with NeuRA so this research work can continue until at least 2023.

The TRSC conducts research on how injuries occur on our roads, and how to prevent these injuries by improving safety equipment and ensuring it is used effectively.

We’ve now signed a second three-year partnership with NeuRA so this research work can continue until at least 2023.

The first term

When the TRSC was built in 2017 it became Australia’s first research-dedicated crash test lab. Its crash sled enables researchers to test a myriad of simulated road accidents, providing valuable data that can be used to improve road user safety.

Research conducted at the Centre has included:

  • improving the use and effectiveness of child restraints,
  • providing advice to older drivers on how to protect themselves while behind the wheel, and
  • examining how motorcycles could be designed differently to reduce injury during a crash.

Results achieved to date

In addition to establishing Australia’s only research-dedicated crash testing facility, the TRSC has progressed five strategically important road safety research projects:

  • Older drivers and comfort accessories
  • Integrated child booster seat study
  • Effect of chest clips in child restraints
  • Improved dynamic testing of child restraints
  • Submarining in smaller occupants

The Centre’s research has been provided to regulatory bodies and motoring associations across Australia to inform regulations and assist road users.

Goals for terms two

To follow on from the work achieved in the first term, term two will focus on the advancement of the following research studies:

  • Motorcycle fuel tank syndrome — injury risk and prevention of pelvic injuries
  • Dynamic testing of child restraint systems in modern, real-world crash conditions
  • The effect of seating posture on injury risk for young and older adults and children
  • Testing improved features of child restraints to reduce misuse
  • Occupant safety in the rear seat — optimising safety for occupants of all ages from children to older adults

The continuation of this joint venture provides ongoing enhancement of public safety on our roads. The combined resources and expertise of Transurban and NeuRA, underpinned by the support from government, works to make our roads safer for all.

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