Every day at Transurban we’re focussed on road safety, but this week during Global Road Safety week this week we’re taking the opportunity to educate motorists around some common issues we see on our networks.

As part of our Share the road campaign we are focussing on two key themes, the Red-X and Truck blind spots, and across both we’re reminding motorists to stay alert to the changing environment and share the road.

Do you know what to do if you see a Red X?

Our teams are watching the roads 24x7, responding to hundreds of incidents every week. In responding to a breakdown, nose to tail or a lost load, our operators reduce speeds and close lanes to keep other motorists and on-road crews safe.

Liz Waller Road Safety Manager said variable speed signs are used across our networks to reduce speeds, while the red X indicates a closed lane.

“So while you might not see the incident right in front of you, staying situationally aware and observing the signage will help to keep you and other motorists safe.”

“Too often we see drivers ignoring reduced speeds and closed lanes on approach to an incident. In fact, over half of drivers on CityLink are driving through the closed lanes This behaviour is not only illegal, it’s incredibly dangerous and puts the safety of our crews and drivers at risk,” Liz said.

You wouldn’t drive through a red light, so take the same approach to a red x.

Know Truck blind spots

Our motorways are ideally positioned for the trucking industry, but they’re also a regular part of the daily commute for thousands of motorists and motorcyclists.

Liz said we want all road users to get to their destination quickly and safely.

“We all have a responsibility to drive in a manner that will help prevent incidents. For motorists our message is simple – familiarise yourself with truck blind spots and share the road,” Liz said. 

Truck manufacturers are continually improving and reducing blind spots but we know awareness of these blind spots by the general public is low. According to NTI data, in 80% of incidents involving a truck and a car, truck drivers were found not to be at fault. 

Get to know truck blind spots in the animation below.

  • Be seen: get to know truck blind spots – immediately in front, directly behind, right beside the driver door, as well as a significant area on the passenger side.
  • Don’t sit in the blind spots or in the space between a trucks front and rear tyres.
  • Keep left unless overtaking.  
  • Give trucks some extra space: leave a safe gap, trucks need more room to stop.
  • Regularly check your mirrors.

Spread the word this Road Safety Week – share these important messages with your friends and family.  For more information and road trip tips visit www.transurban.com/roadtriptips.

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