Keep your job search on track – learn to recognise scam techniques. 

We like to believe receiving a job offer from us is the opportunity of a lifetime. And it is true we give our employees many reasons to love coming to work each day.  But, if you’ve received a job offer from Transurban that doesn’t look quite right, or seems over-the-top amazing, proceed with caution – it could be a scam. 

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Job offers
    We would never present you with a job offer without going through a formal recruitment process first, including a face-to-face or virtual interview with the hiring manager.
  • Requests for payment
    We will never ask you to pay any fees at all (including ‘processing’ fees) when applying for a job with us.
  • Job ads
    Our job ads are posted on our careers site, SEEK, LinkedIn and Indeed. Take caution of any job scraping sites or other websites claiming to advertise positions at Transurban. Always apply using the right channels.
  • Fake recruiters
    Our talent acquisition team will never ask you to send private or financial information directly to them. If you have been contacted on LinkedIn, and are unsure if the contact is legitimate, please get in touch using the form below.
  • Bank or credit card details
    Do not share your bank or credit card details if you are asked to provide them before or during the application process.
  • Urgency
    Scammers often use urgency – telling you to respond immediately, for example – as a way of pressuring you to act without thinking. Feeling pressured is a scam warning sign.
  • Money transfer requests
    We will never ask you to accept a money transfer, or suggest you may keep some of this transfer as a ‘payment’. 
  • Photo identification
    Do not provide a copy of your driver’s licence or your passport during the application process. Similarly, do not share information about your appearance or marital status. 
  • Tax file or social security number
    Only provide this information once you have signed your employment contract, and are certain the offer is legitimate.

If you have any doubts at all about the legitimacy of a job offer, proceed with extreme caution.

A good way to check if a job is genuine, is to check if we are hiring for the role. See what jobs we have on offer.

Still have doubts? Get in touch using this form.

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