Transurban and 1776 selected the six winning startups who will join us for the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge & Innovation Lab.

The companies will work closely with Transurban and partners at 1776 on improving their products and developing their companies during the three-month cohort period in the U.S. 

Here is a little information about each of the winning startups:

  • Anatrope – Passively, remotely, and uniquely identifies a vehicle without any hardware being added to the CAN bus or to the vehicle itself.
  • Brisk Synergies – Detects near misses on the road to predict future collision rates using computer vision.
  • Mogol, Inc – Connects city and Department of Transportation traffic managers directly to vehicles so that they can actively manage traffic and see the response in real time.
  • NoTraffic – Smart traffic management solution that allows agencies to improve their traffic in a seamless and cost-effective way.
  • REVMAX – Builds demand forecasting tools for vehicle fleets to improve transit efficiency.
  • Valerann – Enables roads to sense the traffic environment, report to control centers, communicate with drivers and support autonomous vehicles - for free.

Our commitment to solving transportation challenges is exemplified through the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge & Innovation Lab. This initiative brings entrepreneurs together with our experts to help positively move the needle in the areas of vehicle monitoring, smart transportation, and road safety.

Find out more details on the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge.