Australia’s ongoing battles with bushfires have significantly impacted communities across the country, including our customers, employees and their friends and families. 

Fighting these bushfires and the subsequent rebuilding will require tremendous efforts. To assist, we have further strengthened our bushfire relief initiatives announced in January 2020, and are now offering support to employees and local communities through the following initiatives:

  • Transurban is donating $3 for every $1 in personal donations employees make to charities associated with the bushfires and recovery efforts, with a minimum of $300,000 committed to this cause.
  • In addition to topping up employee donations, Transurban has committed $200,000 to the Business Council of Australia’s Community Rebuilding Initiative. This initiative will work with relevant government authorities to support businesses impacted by the bushfire disaster, many of whom are otherwise not able to receive charitable aid or relief funding.
  • To support local businesses impacted by the bushfires, our Australian employees have been granted a bonus day of paid leave if they take a long weekend in an impacted area. 
  • Leave provisions have been extended for our employees currently volunteering for official agencies such as fire brigades, emergency services or the defence force for the duration of their service combating the fires and relief work.
  • Likewise, leave provisions have been extended for employees who have been directly affected by the fires.
  • Further activities are being undertaken by employees to support local communities impacted by bushfires, such as P2 mask donations for regional areas and volunteering at Foodbank.

Support is also available to customers impacted by the current bushfire emergency, including commercial customers such as small businesses.

If you, or your business, has been impacted by the Australian bushfires and you need financial support with your Linkt account or tolls, help is available.

Please get in touch with the Linkt Assist team for dedicated support.

Call the Linkt Assist team on:
1300 767 865
9am to 5pm AEST
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

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