Returning to school as COVID-19 restrictions ease will be more difficult for some, which is why we’re partnering with The Smith Family to help make it easier for more than 400 students to continue to access the educational support and targeted programs they need.

About 1.2 million children and young people live in poverty across Australia*. That’s one in six young people who may not have what they need for school, like shoes, textbooks and uniforms, simply because of their circumstances. We're hoping our new partnership will help The Smith Family provide young Australians in need with the essentials they need to thrive going back to school as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

The Smith Family provides young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds with the extra tools and support they need to succeed at school. Their flagship Learning for Life program provides each student with a combination of financial and personal support, as well as vital learning and mentoring programs that help them keep up and stay motivated throughout their school years.

As well as supporting the education of 240 kids on The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program, we will also be supporting more than 190 students to participate in their Certificate 1 in Financial Literacy program, which helps young people to learn skills to better manage their money, and make more informed financial decisions.

After completing the Financial Literacy program, 85% of students reported that they are confident making financial decisions, and 87% reported that they are saving on a regular basis. One student said “I have made financial changes as a result of taking this course by saving more and questioning whether I should buy things or not. I am now more confident about the future and my savings.”

We’re absolutely delighted to be joining forces with The Smith Family to help Australian children break the cycle of poverty, and ease back in to school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

*ACOSS/UNSW Poverty Overview Report, 2020.

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