Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve provided over $9.5 million worth of travel to people who need it most, as part of our toll credit program. 

Whether it’s bushfires or a global pandemic, this year has demonstrated that anyone can experience vulnerability at any time, and practical support like toll credits can really help when a crisis hits.  

We know it will take time for some people to get back on their feet, and there are many people who will still need support after the COVID risk subsides. So toll credits are here to stay, to cover essential travel for people facing hardship.

Some examples of travel that may be eligible for toll credit support include:

  • Emergency situations including medical emergencies, family violence and natural disasters
  • Travel to and from medical treatments or support services for serious conditions
  • Caring or visiting family members or co-dependents with a serious medical condition

Visit Linkt Assist to find out more.

Extra support for our most vulnerable customers

And with the economic impacts of COVID-19 expected to extend well into 2021 and beyond, we have partnered with Good Shepherd to help Linkt customers in most need access a wide range of additional support services, through an extended program called Link Assist 360.

The program recognises that the most vulnerable Linkt Assist customers are often dealing with issues far more serious than toll debt.

The partnership between Transurban and Good Shepherd means these customers will now be offered personalised, comprehensive support to restore their emotional and financial wellbeing.

The support may include financial counselling, family violence, mental health or homelessness support.

Good Shepherd is a trusted independent provider of community services, and part of a global network spanning over 70 countries. Good Shepherd has been working with the community for over 200 years to help people feel safe and take control over their own lives through connecting people to a coordinated and diverse range of services to meet their, and their family’s needs.

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