Since the arrival of COVID-19, Australians across all states and territories have banded together by staying further apart to face the challenges of the pandemic. Our everyday lives have evolved with restrictions, social distancing, and working from home.

But how permanent will these lifestyle changes be once the global health risk passes? 

To better understand such issues through the public’s eyes, Transurban commissioned an independent survey of 3,000 people in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland to consider the future of transport across the nation’s cities, and examine the emerging trends in urban travel.

And as we look forward to life post-pandemic, Urban Mobility Trends: Road Funding Reform builds on research in February 2021 and August 2020 to identify the challenges facing transport infrastructure. It also investigates people’s understanding of the existing road funding system, built on the collection of fuel excise, and their attitudes towards road-user charge reform.

As survey data reveals more Australians plan to use their private vehicles following the pandemic and the transition towards electric vehicles gathers pace, it’s important we move towards a sustainable road-funding system to ensure our transport infrastructure is resilient and prevents congestion undermining the liveability and productivity of our cities.  

The research tells us that:

  • 22% fewer people intend to use public transport daily post-pandemic, compared to pre-pandemic use, while 8% more plan to use private vehicles (cars or motorbikes) daily
  • 93% of people in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are concerned with congestion levels
  • 81% know nothing or only a little about how roads are funded
  • 14% know how much they pay per litre in fuel excise
  • 64% believe a road-user charge model would be a fair way to contribute towards road funding
  • 42% would like their next car to be an electric vehicle, with 84% motivated by environmental benefits and operational cost savings
  • High-purchase price is the #1 barrier people face in buying an electric vehicle. 

Read more in our latest industry report, Urban Mobility Trends: Road Funding Reform.

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