Transurban and Valerann continue partnership to test smart road technology on 95 Express Lanes.

As part of the Smart Highways Challenge last year, Transurban identified two start-up technologies to advance pilot studies to improve operations on the Northern Virginia Express Lanes. These partnerships continue to contribute to the development of our road networks today.

Transurban worked with Union (formerly 1776), one of the largest entrepreneurial incubators in the US, to challenge innovative thinkers to propose new technology solutions that could improve customer experience, safety and operations on the Express Lanes.

Over the past year, Transurban has been working with Valerann – an international startup – to develop smart, solar-powered road studs that have expanded visibility to detect traffic congestion, road incidents and surface conditions.

The pilot technology will collect real-time data, report to roadway operations control centers, and has the potential to communicate with connected and automated vehicles as the technology advances. The road studs are designed to help Transurban reduce both the detection time of road incidents and the response time to variable congestion to help customers move faster.  

 “We are excited to see how our ability to provide meter-by-meter, lane-by-lane data of on-road events and traffic, will enhance Transurban’s ability to provide safe and efficient travel for the customers they serve,” said Michael Vardi, co-founder and chief business officer for Valerann.

Transurban’s analysts have been evaluating the technology installed along a key stretch of the 31 mile, 95 Express Lanes in July 2018. Newly designed road studs will be deployed in early 2019 to demonstrate that the technology can handle harsh weather conditions as the pilot continues.

Transurban also partnered with Revmax, a Brooklyn-based startup, to study the application of machine learning in traffic demand forecasting.

Watch how the Smart Highways Challenge came to life.

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