With over two million trips taken every day on our network, our crews respond to around 1,000 incidents a week – everything from broken down cars, to debris on the road and even escaped animals that find their way into our tunnels – all with a helping hand from artificial intelligence (AI). 

Technology like automatic incident detection systems and smart sensors monitor for things like debris and stopped vehicles, and alert traffic control centres to potential issues. We take this technology to the next level by feeding the data into a purpose-built AI platform that learns from previous incidents and recommends how our crews should respond.

The platform prioritises the safety of drivers and incident response teams, often recommending measures like speed reductions or lane closures to keep everyone safe while the incident is managed.

The technology ultimately helps us keep people moving, and we typically clear on-road incidents in under 10 minutes, making for quicker and safer trips on our roads.

We’re also supporting the release of the Responsible AI Index 2022, which measures and tracks how well Australian organisations are designing and implementing AI systems, with a view to fairness, accountability, transparency, and impact on people and society. 

Now in its second year, the study was conducted by Fifth Quadrant CX, led by the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, supported by Gradient Institute and sponsored by Transurban and IAG.

Read more about the Responsible AI Index.

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