Two large trusses of the machine that will build a new elevated road on the West Gate Tunnel Project were lifted into place recently marking a major milestone for the project.

When fully assembled, the gantry crane will build a new elevated road above Footscray Road in Melbourne, connecting the new tunnels with CityLink, the port and the city.

The crane sits on top of support piers around 30 metres above the road, eventually placing almost 1600 concrete segments into place over a two-year period.

When it’s up and running, the machine will be roughly 110 metres long and 12 metres wide, weighing in at 1200 tonnes. The main trusses recently installed weigh just under 200 tonnes each.

The crane will start at the city end of Footscray Road and work its way west down the outbound carriageway, before being turned around to build the inbound carriageway.

Plenty of construction continues across the West Gate Tunnel Project while we finalise plans for tunnelling. When complete, the West Gate Tunnel Project will mean quicker more reliable trips for Linkt customers.

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