The WestConnex M8 opened on Sunday 5 July and is the second major underground stage of the WestConnex motorway network.

The M8 runs for 9km from Kingsgrove and the new St Peters Interchange, and is marked at two lanes in each direction with capacity to add a third lane when required.

The M8 doubles the capacity of the M5 East Tunnels, and will save motorists around 30 minutes on a journey from south west Sydney to the southern CBD.

It connects to upgraded local roads at St Peters, including two new bridges over Alexandra Canal, as well as the M5 corridor. It is future focused, with connections to future projects including the M4-M5 Link (WestConnex Stage 3A), Sydney Gateway to the airport and the M6 to southern Sydney.

For more information on the M8 and the WestConnex project visit

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