Our Australian road networks span Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with 13 assets across the eastern seaboard. We also have two US assets in the Washington DC area.

We monitor our road networks to ensure their continuing safety and efficiency. Through our construction and enhancement projects we are committed to meeting the growing needs of our cities and road users.

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Our capabilities

As part of our focus on being a partner of choice for government, we aim to lead the world in sustainable road networks by providing effective and innovative infrastructure solutions. We do this through our core capabilities:

  • network planning and forecasting
  • operations and maintenance
  • customer management
  • project development and delivery
  • technology application

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Safety and the community

Our sustainability strategy is an integral part of our corporate strategy and reinforces our vision 'to strengthen communities through transport'. It also recognises that our success in delivering safer road networks has a significant impact on everyone who uses or works on our roads.

Through our community engagement and safety initiatives we aim to deliver on our promise to ‘be good neighbours’.

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