395 Express Lanes

Project overview

To reduce congestion in the I-395 corridor, we have signed a framework agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation to extend the northern end of the 95 Express Lanes for 11km to the Washington DC border.

The proposed scope of the 395 Express Lanes project includes:

  • an 13km Express Lanes extension to Eads Street
  • converting the two existing high occupancy lanes and adding an additional lane to create three reversible Express Lanes
  • improvements to the Eads Street interchange
  • extension of the current dynamic tolling and traffic management system
  • a transit subsidy to fund public transport in the corridor
  • sound walls to reduce impact on neighbouring communities


Once completed, the 395 Express Lanes project will:

  • reduce congestion within the I-395 corridor
  • offer new travel choices
  • generate as many as 600 new jobs during construction and as much as US$500 million in economic activity
  • improve travel time for carpoolers
  • provide dedicated annual funding for local public transport improvements
  • enhance Pentagon access
  • improve travel in regular lanes

Timing & cost

Construction on the US$475 million project began in summer 2017. 

Funding for the project will come primarily from toll revenue and private investment.

For more information visit the 395 Express Lanes project site.