95 Express Lanes

The 95 Express Lanes are 46km high-occupancy lanes that operate on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia from Stafford County to Fairfax County and connect to our 495 Express Lanes, serving Washington DC and its suburbs.

The Express Lanes employ an innovative pricing system that adjusts rates according to real-time traffic conditions. As traffic increases the toll is raised to manage demand and maintain free-flowing travel. Costs are displayed on dynamic signs in advance of Express Lane entry points as well as at intervals along the road allowing drivers to decide whether they would like to travel based on the current rate.

In collaboration with the Virginia Department of Transportation we are working on upgrades to the 95 Express Lanes, adding a new entry point and extending the Lanes by approximately 3kms at Stafford County. Work is estimated to start in late 2016 with improvements available to drivers by 2018.

95 Express Lanes opened to traffic in December 2014 and are 100% Transurban owned.

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