Our social networks are an open two-way communication channel for all Transurban related conversations. We’re here listening Monday to Friday during business hours and ready to help with questions you may have.

Our community guidelines

To ensure our social networks remain a welcoming and safe environment for all we do have a few simple house rules:

  1. Be respectful – Don’t include content, images or links to things that could be considered obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, harassing, overtly sexual, discriminatory, or hateful to another person or organisation – including us, our partners, our employees, competitors, and other people or organisations – or post content that is unlawful in any way.
  2. Stay on topic – Be helpful and keep your posts relevant to the page. Don’t post anything that disrupts conversations, is misleading or factually inaccurate. This includes spam content and duplicate or excessive posting about the same issue.
  3. Keep private information in the private space – we want you to stay safe online. Don’t include personal information including your license plate number, credit card or bank account details in public posts. For any queries regarding your account or a trip, please send us a private/direct message or chat with us securely via our call centre at 13 33 31.

If, in our opinion, you don’t comply with our house rules, we may hide or delete your comments. If you repeatedly don’t adhere to these rules we may ban or block you.

Our employees moderate social in an effort to help our customers. We'll make every effort to respond in a timely manner, however, we may not reply to every comment.

And, don’t worry, we value all feedback (the good and the not-so-good). As long as your comment doesn’t breach our Community Guidelines, it will be posted as is!