Mark’s a real people person

Whether it’s making someone laugh, or making a real difference, Mark’s always been driven to improve people’s lives. And as the Head of Customer Experience here at Transurban, having a positive impact is part of coming to work every day.

Mark’s passionate about making things simpler for anyone using our roads – responding to changing needs as quickly as possible, and turning feedback and insights into real change.

With five million Australians using Transurban roads, there are a lot of customers to consider. But Mark knows their input is essential to how we do things too. Which is why Mark and his team receive feedback from over 15,000 customers each month – so they can improve the customer experience on the roads we operate.

When it became clear that customers wanted a way to pay for tolls on a trip-by-trip basis in real time and without an account, we gave it to them – with the launch of the LinktGO app. It’s just one of three mobile apps we’ve developed to help people get around Sydney.

Our vision is to strengthen communities through transport. And Mark has a vital role to play in making sure we know exactly what we can do to improve things for our customers that make up those communities.

The future of transport might be changing, but we’ve got the right people on the team to grow with it.




Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer



Control Room Operator