An ongoing commitment to road safety has led Transurban to form a three-year partnership with NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia) to establish the Transurban Road Safety Centre—a dedicated world class research facility. Housed at NeuRA’s Headquarters in Randwick NSW, the Transurban Road Safety Centre will focus on world-class research into practical injury prevention strategies. The new facilities include a new state-of-the-art crash test sled capable of reaching speeds consistent with those experienced in real-life crashes.

Research focus

The Transurban Road Safety Centre seeks to alleviate the significant impact of death and injury on our roads. The new facilities will provide researchers the opportunity to study a number of growing trends on Australian roads.

These will include:

  • aged driver and passenger safety, including using comfort aiders
  • motorcyclist safety and motorcycle design
  • rear seat occupant safety and restraint systems.

The Transurban Road Safety Centre will provide a source for ongoing innovation in road safety research by:

  • allowing research to be carried out on site
  • accommodating a crash sled capable of reaching speeds of up to 64km/h, enabling tests that reflect serious crashes on the roads
  • providing world class facilities to attract the best and brightest talent
  • expediting testing and outcomes to enable a quicker translation of results into practice.


The cost of Australia's road trauma in numbers

Partnership with government

The Transurban Road Safety Centre was officially opened by the Hon Brad Hazzard MP, NSW Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research.

The joint venture brings together Medical Research, Business and Government into a partnership aimed at working together to reduce injury suffered on our roads.

“This vital medical research project will better shape road safety priorities and ultimately save more lives—not only on NSW roads but across the country,” Mr Hazzard said.

The launch of the Transurban Road Safety Centre for research at NeuRA is an excellent example of the opportunities and benefits of partnerships supporting medical scientific research to benefit communities and drive research to better understand how we can make roads safer, protect passengers from injury, and ultimately save more lives.

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