All of our partnerships help address these three areas:

Empowering customers

We will contribute to empowering customers via partnerships and programs that provide:

  • Driver training for people experiencing barriers to accessing a licence
  • Support for customers experiencing vulnerability or adversity
  • Resources to enhance accessibility of our roads.

Championing road safety

We will champion road safety through research, programs and partnerships that:

  • Reduce road deaths and injuries
  • Promote and share advances in road safety
  • Focus on early intervention and education.

Strengthening communities

We will help to create stronger, more capable communities via partnerships and programs that support:

  • Enhanced environmental outcomes along our road network
  • Equitable access to STEM  education and employment 
  • Social and financial resilience of the most vulnerable in our local communities (including leveraging our assets to support key events).

We encourage new thinking and innovative solutions to confront these challenges and ensure our partnerships encourage diversity across all areas including gender, age, culture and ability.

Organisations and groups that will not be considered for partnership include those that:
  • Are for the benefit of one individual or a sporting team
  • Are overtly religious to the exclusion of others’ beliefs
  • May be considered to be discriminatory
  • Requests for donations
  • Promote substance misuse or the mistreatment of animals.
To be considered for a partnership with us your proposal must:
  • Clearly demonstrate the benefit to the community and to Transurban
  • Outline how the opportunity aligns with our key focus areas
  • Tell us about your organisation and your values
  • Share how you think Transurban could add value to your organisation or program
  • Provide a detailed list of benefits and potential opportunities to showcase the partnership.
When assessing a partnership proposal we consider these key factors:
  • Alignment to our focus areas and our values 
  • Benefit to the community through our involvement (can we contribute beyond a financial contribution)
  • Partner organisation – who are you and what do you do
  • Story telling opportunities for both parties 
  • Budget required
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Benefit for Transurban (may include promotion, networking or volunteering opportunities for employees)
  • Risk factors
  • Long-term focus and sustainability.

For any questions, please contact us.