One year ago we opened the 395 Express Lanes and while we could not have foreseen the difficult year ahead we have been honoured to support the communities we serve. Delivered on-time and on-budget through a continued partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation, the 395 Express Lanes have transformed regional travel.

After one year in operation, the 395 Express Lanes are:

  • Improving travel times and choice for customers travelling on the I-95 corridor
  • Moving 700 additional riders through the corridor daily, saving 89,000 hours annually of daily travel and diverting over 2.4 million trips to public transit each year with an annual payment of $15 million to support local transit improvement projects.
  • Generating more than $1 billion in economic activity and more than 8,700 jobs in the region throughout construction, as well as more than $110 million in contracts for disadvantaged businesses and small women and minority-owned businesses.
  • Supporting more than 70 local organizations with a new $15,000 grant that builds on the $280,000 of community investment in the I-395 corridor. 

Learn more about the impact we have had along the I-395 corridor over the last year.

Download Infographic (PDF)

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