With the Easter school holidays coming up, we are working with Kidsafe to encourage parents to check their children are safely secured in the correct car seat while travelling over the break. 

To minimise injury, children under seven should remain in a booster until they pass the five-step test and should only sit in the front seat after they turn 12-years-old, and are tall enough for their feet to touch the ground.

Transurban Group Executive Queensland, Sue Johnson reinforced that now is the right time to check car seat restraints are safe before hitting the road.

“Children are our most precious cargo, that’s why we’re asking parents to take the Kidsafe five-step test to check their children are safely secured, for not only the holiday road trip, but for all other trips as well,” Sue said.  

“The reality is children grow quickly, so it’s important to check kids are safely secured before you hit the road, whether for a local trip, the school run or a longer journey. And don’t make the front seat a treat.”

According to Queensland Government accident data, more than 100 children aged between five and 11 were injured in crashes over the past two years while sitting in the front seat, instead of the backseat.

“When driving it’s always important to have your eyes on the road, drive to the conditions, stay alert and ensure your child’s safety by properly securing them before you depart.”

Kidsafe Queensland CEO Susan Teerds said children can feel peer pressure to move out of a booster earlier than they should, however being correctly fitted in a car seat could mean the difference between life and death in a car accident.

“Motor vehicle accidents are the second cause of all hospital admissions for children 14 years and under – it is so important kids are in a correctly fitted seat or child restraint” Susan said.

“We know car restraints save lives, with research indicating a correctly fitted car seat can reduce the risk of injury by up to 70%.”

“We understand the desire for older children to want to sit in the front seat as a treat, but it’s critical children pass the five-step test first to ensure they will be safe during the holiday break and when we return to the daily school run.”

Transurban offers free car seat fittings and safety checks for Queensland families in need, at the Logan supercentre, Mater Hospital South Brisbane and Kidsafe House in Windsor.

For more information on the five step or to make a booking visit transurban.com/kidsafe.

Data sources: Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police Service, Neura

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